Precious Sewing Machine Shandong Dealer in 2016 the

2016-2-2 17:06:37Source:本站編輯

On the occasion of arrival of New Year, Precious sewing machine domestic regional dealers in 2016 the conference will be continue open.

On Jan.21st, Precious sewing machine the representatives of Shandong all levels of dealers get together in Heze, work and pull together, to "gather the elite businessmen, businessmen to boost confidence" as the theme, a common stand on a new starting point in 2016, talk about market,experience and revolution,increase attitude,show attitude and making development.

The textile industry of Shangdong is the country's main province, has a vast sewing equipment market space,and the one of main domestic sales market in Huibao Sewing Machine. In 2015, in the domestic sewing equipment market apathetic environment, Shandong dealers at all levels to unite as one, keeping pace with the company, through the marketing strategy, and actively adjust the product structure, the depth of services and other aspects of maintaining the marketing of the film area basically stable.

At the meeting, the different district dealer representatives for their respective regions in 2015 annual sales were reported and analyzed to develop the area in 2016 sales plans and objectives. Some Elite Dealer award Huibao Sewing Machine Co. issued by the company "to expand sales Award", "Sales integrity Award", "Sales Cooperation Award", "Sales Progress Award" and so on.

The minister of domestic trade department Precious Sewing Machine Co.make overall strategy and specific practices with dealers Representatives of the interaction in 2016. Mr.Ruan said, sewing equipment industry is an evergreen, the current downturn in the market situation is just a period of economic development stage for the current situation, companies adjust their thinking, in trying to expand the market, all-round savings internal forces, positive promote "research and development, technology, quality," the overall development strategy, brand building to prove safety, quality improvement, varieties optimization, channel development, service enhancement. As long as we keep the faith, confidence, future sewing equipment market is bound to have our own world.

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