Precious Sewing Machine Co., LTD (Hebei) 2016 Distributor Conference Held successfully

2016-2-2 17:11:15Source:本站編輯

In 2015, Precious sewing machine sales grow in Hebei region, this results in the current industry winter period is preferable, fully confirmed the implement of marketing strategy of "one shop one policy" correct and effective. It is the excellent Hebei dealer team a year dedicated, diligent in the satisfactory returns.

    On January 23, 2016, Precious sewing machine gathered the Hebei dealer elite, and held (Hebei) distributor conference. Precious group executive vice President, GuanLiYong attended the meeting. The whole meeting around "gather elite merchants and increase customers confidence", the theme of the strong atmosphere, full of zest and distributor representatives make recommendations and views.

Precious sewing machine domestic trade VIP customers minister Huangjian said , thank you for the sales elite representatives loyalty and trust to Precious.Confidence is the key factor, completes the market sales. First ,it is confidence in their own sales ability. Second, it is confidence in the brand management. Third, it is confidence in the future. In the face of adverse circumstances, the company in all kinds of positive change for us to increase the bottom spirit, in 2015 the success of added contrarian upsell confidence to us, we have full confidence in 2016 to break the ice, achieve win-win situation.

Precious group executive vice President of GuanLiYong representatives and distributors zero distance communication, fully affirmed the Hebei area success in 2015, at the same time to share with you over the past year the company's internal quality, real, actual, greatly boosted the dealer's confidence. Always say, 2015, the company has a quality in software and hardware. Active jump out of the crowd in research and development on a copy of the model, from design to product the connotation, characteristics and technology, quality and cost performance. At the technical level, the introduction of senior industry experts and sophisticated personnel team, enhance the depth of the talent structure, and through the cooperation with work far, through carries on "DA", "PAFF" such as the world's top brand in the high-end thick material machine in production to improve production technology and technical level of the company as a whole;On the quality control, the introduction of high-end equipment and testing instruments to strengthen casing and spare parts quality control.Many go hand in hand, to provide excellent dealers at all levels of high-tech, high-quality products, to win more market share.Hope to dealers at all levels continue to uphold the core philosophy of Precious, mutual benefit and create the brilliant buck, share the contrarian growth experience, conspiracy to buck the trend development.

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