The warmth of the sun warm Spring Festival

2016-2-2 17:17:14Source:本站編輯

Spring Festival is approaching, as always, the chairman of precious group Mr Ye and Group Office related personnel several former , decent veteran send condolences, thanks to bumper.

Mr Liang is the founder of the company during the administrative elite, he hale and hearty, delicate features, clear thinking, often talked about the scene when the work in conversation with the director leaves the company keep all smile.Mr Ye said, Liang is one of their teacher, he focused on detail, methodical work style had a significant impact to him. Ye Dong Group Mr Ye also encouraged young people to learning from Mr liang,develop good work style, meticulous and efficient work.


Mr Lin and Mrs Mou are retired major financial center of the backbone of precious, they were faithful when they were young, heartfelt finance, old age Gan silkworms, peaches and plums garden financial center trained a number of outstanding successor. Mr Ye greetings, asked them to take care of themselves, fun in the family, and taking the time to look back to the company.

At the moment, for many years a rare heavy cold instantly disappeared in the warmth of the holiday season warm sympathy.

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